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Mutah University Journals in Their New Form


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Mutah University's Deanship of Scientific Research is delighted to announce the launch of our new journals' website as part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in scientific research. We take pride in offering peer-reviewed scientific journals that meet global academic publishing standards, aiming to provide an ideal platform for publishing your valuable research.

Our scientific journals include:

1.     Mutah Journal for Humanities and Social Studies, issued as an extension of "Mutah Journal for Research and Studies - Humanities and Social Sciences Series"

 (Open access to archives since 2015) 

2.     Mutah Journal for Natural, Applied and Health Sciences - issued as an extension of "Mutah Journal for Research and Studies - Natural and Applied Sciences Series"

 (Open access to archives since 2017)

3.     Jordanian Journal of Law and Political Science

(Open access to archives since 2016)

4.     Jordanian Journal of Arabic Language and Literature

(Open access to archives since 2017)

  1. Jordan Energy Journal

(Open access to archives available since 2023)

 Our journals are indexed in international platforms such as the Arab Impact Factor, Google Scholar, and EBSCO, reflecting our commitment to quality and credibility in scientific publishing. We are also preparing to meet indexing standards in Scopus and other international databases.

We reaffirm our dedication to supporting the knowledge community and enhancing scientific research by providing a platform for high-quality publication. We invite all researchers and academics to submit their research for publication in our journals.

 Discover more and join us in advancing knowledge! #MutahUniversity #ScientificResearch #ScientificJournals

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