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 Conference support

Mutah University offers financial support to faculty members to ​participate in conferences, seminars and scientific workshops in order to link the research community at Mutah University with their peers locally and internationally. In addition, the research and awareness culture within the community will be disseminated comprehensively about scientific research activities and opportunities. The University of Mo'tah offers scientific support to the various faculties of the University to establish and hold local, regional and international conferences and scientific seminars in order to create opportunities for communication between researchers locally and internationally to exchange ideas and build knowledge about developments in different fields of new scientific research. Researchers at the university to establish close scientific ties and relationships with their peers from outside the university.

The year 2018/2017 witnessed a remarkable development in the number of conferences supported by the university,
 which represented a quantum leap in the history of Mutah University. The number of conferences that will be
 held in 2018 and supported by Mutah University (ten) Scientific Committee for the year and reached (six conferences).
Conference support instructionsProcedures to request support for the convening of a conference of Mutah University (for colleges, deanships and centers) Procedures for the participation of a faculty member in Mutah Supported conference statistics​​