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 Office of Intellectual Property Protection and Technology Transfer

The office works to maintain who will. As it does to assess the commercial return of scientific discoveries at the university and all that is caused by the migration


Work as a bridge between university researchers at the founder of academics, employees or students with work experience.


To create creativity in creativity at Mutah University and to protect the inventiveness of researchers at Mutah University in the University and the Arab region.

the message

Provide comprehensive technology transfer system.
Research findings at Mutah University interact for the benefit of the community in Jordan and the Arab region.
• Participation in income support for research projects.
• Preserving the rights of researchers and authors at the university.
• Providing support for the economic and cognitive growth of the community.

Duties and duties of the office:

The Bureau carries out the following tasks and duties:
1. Protection of Intellectual Property and Patents: The Office carries out the following tasks:
• Providing, receiving and documenting applications for the disclosure of patents from researchers at the University according to the models applied at the University.
• Design requests for disclosure, patent and licensing agreements in coordination with the concerned authorities at the university.
• Work with the Scientific Research Committee to preserve the rights of the university and researchers according to the instructions in force at the university.
• Studying patent applications and evaluating them technically and verifying their validity.
• Working with the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to study and evaluate commercial applications.
• To carry out the tasks required for the registration and issuance of patents and follow-up all administrative, technical and financial matters related to the registration of patents in accordance with the instructions in force at the University.
• Work to raise awareness among researchers regarding property rights at the university through periodic programs held in cooperation with the Scientific Research Committee and the deanships of the faculties.
• Develop intellectual property regulations in line with emerging instructions or technologies.
• Documenting all documents relating to obtaining, storing and classifying patents, making special records for each inventor's patent, and documenting all works related to the department duly.
• Follow-up all legal actions resulting from the issuance of patents and the preservation of property rights in the University and the settlement of disputes in coordination with the Scientific Research Committee.
• Building a database of scientific research projects at the university and all related to intellectual property rights in the university.

2. Tateer creativity and leadership: This office is carried out tasks that achieve the following objectives:
• Working with the Scientific Research Committee to study the returns of the output of scientific research at the university for inclusion in the budget of the university or a special fund.
• Managing and marketing the University's intellectual property portfolios.
• Linking the private sector with applied research centers at the university
• Support the growth and creation of research and development at the university through the development of collaborative research partnership with local and foreign industry.
• Facilitate the development of business establishments resulting from the production of scientific research within the university in all its forms.
• The negotiation and production of intellectual property agreements at the university and the implementation of these agreements include the following activities: Contracts supported by industry, licensing agreements, material transfer agreements, cooperative research agreements.
• Promotion of creativity and the agreements of migration resulting from the research activity of university researchers.
• Promote researchable research projects.
• Managing the network of creativity with the centers of creativity and scientific research at the university and beyond.
• Monitor the return on investment and its effectiveness for the University's research projects.
• Building a database of research and transformation projects for commercial establishments and their follow-up.
3. Promote innovative activities within the University through the Technology and Innovation Support Center of the Office.​