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 Publishing support

The Deanship of Scientific Research at the University works to support and encourage faculty members to produce research papers, books and scientific works, and to publish their products in scientific journals and journals classified worldwide and adopt strict scientific standards which have influence factors to improve the quality of scientific production and exchange knowledge And the results of this is of great importance in the classification of the university within the ranks of international universities and prestigious. The Deanship aims to:

1. Direct and encourage faculty members at the university to publish in scientific journals classified with high impact factor, thus contributing to the increase in the number of reference citations.

2. Promoting the culture of scientific research at the university.

3. Motivate faculty members to excel in scientific research

4. To highlight the active and civilized role of the university in enriching thought, culture and knowledge.

5. Linking the university with the community by presenting its issues and problems and finding appropriate solutions

6. Consolidation of scientific and intellectual links between Mutah University and universities and other research institutes.

7. Expanding the dissemination of scientific production in order to contribute to the development of scientific research in the university and in order to support the development process in society.