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 Supporting research and scientific projects

Supporting Research And Scientific Projects



It is not always possible to produce reliable results from scientific research without adequate financial support. Therefore, the university works to organize, encourage and support scientific research in all material, moral and human resources.This is why the Deanship established a specialized department in the University of Mutah to financially support university members in theirresearch projects, and to help them publishing their research results in scientific journals and international journal. Priority is given to support scientific applied research that is important for development purposes in the Kingdom. This department takes care of research from its earliest stages until it reaches the final stages of production.

The Deanship of Scientific Research is responsible for supervising, developing and supporting research projects to implement the University's vision and objectives. The Deanship of Scientific Research at Mutah University applies the general policies of scientific research provided by the Higher Education and Scientific Research Law and the Scientific Research System at Mu'tah University. This encurages researchers to work through research teams, where the role of the Deanship of Scientific Research is to ensure continuous financial  support of these projects from the beginning until achieving the anticipated productivity of these projects.